Rest Up Champ! (Quick Read)

Adequate rest is necessary for the body to repair. Some people are over anxious to reach their goals (me being one of them) and become susceptible to injury from overtraining or work their body enough that it doesn’t have time to recover from the strain involved in the workout. This often leads to lack of progress and is extremely not advised!

Part of an effective workout plan is adequate rest and it’s important to be patient. Your body will develop when it is ready. Do not… I repeat… DO NOT try to rush the process. As long as you consistently provide it with adequate rest after training, steady intake of fluids, and proper nutrition you will be more than happy with your growth and the journey will bring you glory!

Thanks for your time!

Be RisFit!

Chris 😊


6 thoughts on “Rest Up Champ! (Quick Read)

  1. I feel it is very important to listen to our bodies. “It” knows what “it” needs and all we need to do is take heed to its requests. When tired, rest. When thirsty, drink. When craving a certain food, eat it.
    Nice post and thank you, ren

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