How to Facilitate Real Change

Interesting perspective on one of my favorite topics. What do you guys think?

Facilitating Change

Have you ever had a conversation with someone about change who left with renewed optimism, praising you for your brilliant communication skills, but they repeatedly fail to implement any lasting change?

Although we may sometimes feel like conversational superheros, we need to reassess our effectiveness every once and a while. If we measure our effectiveness by the other persons agreeableness, praise, or optimism at the end of the conversation, we are misleading ourselves. Real change cannot be measured by these variables.

So what creates real change? The answer is simple, yet often difficult to implement because it requires us to put our egos in the back seat. The answer lies in the degree to which we can hold space for the other individual to convince themselves of their own reasons for change, in addition to feeling like they’ve come up with their own plan of action.

Holding space for someone…

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