The Protein Myth

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The Strength Scout

How important is protein?

Protein – or more accurately – amino acids, are considered the ‘building blocks’ of the body.

Those concerned with pursuing strength or athleticism place protein on a pedestal due to its link with muscle growth.

To build muscle reports suggest 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is needed. For a 200-pound male that’s 200g of protein a day.

Our propensity for protein began in the 1970’s, around the time of the Schwarzenegger era. It has since permeated its way from bodybuilder to the layman and a dish that lacks protein is considered incomplete.

But there is a growing case that we don’t need as much protein as once thought. The number of vegan strongmen, NFL athletes and bodybuilders are increasing. Examining their diets shows that protein can be expected from unexpected sources like vegetables.

Do the vitamins and minerals in fruit and…

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